Neck, Back & Shoulder Treatment

Neck, Back & Shoulder Treatment

Increase your metabolism with this treatment. It promotes blood circulation, neck pain relief, fat mobilization,smoothing of wrinkles and muscular pain relief.

We recommend a 3 day treatment in a row then followed by one treatment every 3 days for the best results. Repeating this cycle helps insure that you're body is constantly receiving treatment for itself to heal better.

The spine is the the bridge of the brain

It plays the role of blood supplier & and ensures blood backflow.

When the blood supply to the brain is insufficient, the following symptoms occur:
Dizziness, swelling, headache, vertigo, memory loss, etc.
Obscure vision, dry eyes, eye fatigue, vision loss, etc.
Tinnitus, hearing loss, etc.
Neck pain, stiff neck, frequent stiff neck, etc.
Insomnia, irritability, easily angered, anxiety, etc.
Hair loss, white hair and so on.

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