Meridian Therapy

Medirian Channel + Natural Herbal Essential Oil + Latest Technology

Seed Wellness Health Centre's Meridian Theraphy follows this treatment pattern: Unblock, Treatment and Supplement, folling the direction of the body's meridian.

It combines Western lymphatic drainage techniques with high-tech health instruments to clear the body's meridians, stimulating meridians and acupuncture points to both regulate the nervous system and promote blood circulation, allowing you to remain in a state of constant vitality.

The composition of natural herbal essential oils can be quickly absorbed into the body and provide the body with sufficient energy substances to achieve the effect of disease prevention and rehabilitation.

One hour of Meridian Theraphy = Jogging for 5km

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Unlocking the Meridian Mystery

Meridian channel is a net like system that connects to every parts of the body.When the channels are block,the flow of life force and blood in the body are affected as well, crippling the basic metabolism. If this condition is ignored,impairment of bodily function and diseases are imminent.
On the other hand, a proper stimulation to the meridian system can restore the body to its harmonic balance.
With a combination of traditional treatment with latest technology, our specialized combo is designed to give a thorough and constant stimulation to the meridian channel. This could unblock the channels and unblock the door to vitality which leads to improved blood circulation, pain relief, invigoration of the internal organs, heighten metabolism and regulation of neurological function.

Natural Herbal Essential Oils

We insist on using natural essential oil. The essential oil used in the formulation has a strong penetrating effect that facilitates the transport of the active ingredients. Besides,it is non-toxic and effective in term of therapeutic properties. The oil itself helps in clearing the meridian channel and bloodstream, thus achieving detoxification purposes. Besides, it clears clots and stasis while restoring the body's function. while restoring the body's function.

1 treatment of Meridian Theraphy = 10 treatments traditional massage

We invented a multifunctional radiofrequency health Instrument that produces a constant wave of energy that penetrate and stimulate the meridian channel.

This causes a purge in the meridian system that facilitates detoxification and improves circulation. Simultaneously, every system in the body is stimulated and their performances are thus restored.

The effect is astounding where it is 10 times more efficient than normal treatment.

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